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Welcome to Allorachem

Molekula is a leading supplier of fine chemicals and biochemicals and stands at the forefront of this constantly changing industry.

Molekula is different - we specialise in hard-to-source chemicals using production laboratories across the world with a diligence and tenacity that sets us apart from any other chemical supply company. Having started in a rented facility just over ten years ago, Molekula now boasts sales locations all over Europe. We are constantly expanding, having recently developed our operations in the UK and Germany. Our catalogue, which was initially comprised of just 500 research chemicals, now holds over 8000 ex-stock products and our ability to source high-quality compounds quickly and easily means our product list is growing all the time.

Working with Molekula means quality products at great prices delivered to a superior lead time and an unsurpassed level of customer service. As you expand, develop and change, so do we - together building lasting relationships founded on principles that are fundamental to our industry and to yours.

Search our listing of 50,000 products, Competitive prices and prompt delivery.